New Floral Fantasy Collection
March 7th

New Floral Fantasy Collection - Handmade Earrings and Hair Accessories

Introducing the Beau Bag. Unique Designs Handmade from Vintage Fabric.

Quilted luxury. Sustainably produced. The iconic bow handle is the identifying feature of these bags. Comfortable to carry and able to fit all of those essentials. All fabrics used are either vintage, remnant or reworked. So each Beau Bag is one of a kind. A range of completely unique bags launched on September 20th 2020. …

Sustainably Made Hair Scrunchies

All of our luxury hair scrunchies are handsewn using exclusively vintage or remnant fabrics. All fabrics used are either vintage, deadstock, remnants or reworked fabrics. One of our scrunchies is made from a remnant piece from a handcrafted Kimono! (Can you guess which one?) Even the thread I use for my scrunchies and bags are …

Lilac flower earrings? Yes please!

Say hello to our “Aster” flower earrings in beautiful lilac. The Aster symbolises love, contentment, devotion and daintiness. We hope you love the look as much as we do. They’re in our shop… Happy customers make us happy

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